Chris Stern
Chris is famous for his statement that business is simple until academics and consultants make it complicated.

Chris Stern

Chris Stern is an entrepreneur, international consultant, lecturer and author. He is known for his saying that "business is simple, until consultants and academics make it complicated". 

Stern is founding principal of IFEM, a small international boutique consulting firm guiding mid-size companies towards sustainable strategic market positions. He also regularly teaches business management seminars for a leading provider of continuous education in Europe

Through his consulting work, Chris has served in chief executive positions, and has held a number of board directorships. 

Stern is also pursuing various entrepreneurial endeavors and lives his deep passion for aviation as an active pilot (Airline Transport Pilot) and co-owner/manager of Legacy Warbirds, LLC and AMC Aviation, LLC.

Stern began his professional career at a small textile company and then went on to obtain various degrees in business administration. Before founding IFEM, Chris worked for two international consulting firms where he helped major clients to significantly improve productivity and strategic planning.
Chris the Author: Mr. Stern published Total Customer Focus (Xlibris, 2004) and  Business Is Simple (Xlibris 2014). Stern's publications put a new light on business strategy consulting and entrepreneurship consulting.
Chris Stern the Consultant: Chris is the Chairman and CEO of IFEM, the Institute for Efficient Management. Stern and IFEM are providing advisory and consulting services in business strategy. Click here to be redirected to IFEM, the Institute for Efficient Management
Chris Stern the Aviation Entrepreneur: Chris Stern is Member/Manager of Legacy Warbirds, LLC and Manager of AMC Aviation, LLC